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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidThe movie was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I was very young and this was my first movie experience. The posse was closing in on Redford and Newman who were trapped on top of a 100-foot high rock ledge that dropped off into the raging river below. To make matters worse, Sundance couldn’t swim! All seemed hopeless. Then, the jump—it was exhilarating. The audience laughed, gasped, and cheered, all at the same time. I was in awe. This image stuck with me. That’s the power of great storytelling. And that’s the fascination that movies have held for me my entire life.

Angelina Pictures was born out of the idea that without a great story, you have nothing, regardless of the medium. Whether it’s a feature film for families, a television series for kids, a commercial for a new car, or an industrial video for a telecommunications company, great storytelling creates a connection with your audience. That’s what we specialize in at Angelina Pictures. Our team has jumped from the ledge many times, but fortunately, we all know how to swim and we always use a harness. Each project we do is as exhilarating for us as that jump back in 1974.

CEO Paul Serafini

Angelina Pictures CEO Paul SerafiniAngelina Pictures’ CEO Paul Serafini is a Daytime Emmy Award winner and a nine-time national Daytime Emmy nominee. He has directed and/or produced over 300 episodes of national television, countless national promos, industrial films, and web videos, and directed an award winning independent mini-feature film in 2010. He has worked with such companies as Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Disney, PBS/WGBH, Universal, and TimeWarner. He specializes in family entertainment and has lectured at Harvard University. In addition to his directing and producing skills, he is an experienced show runner, regularly managing large staffs and multi-million dollar budgets. His other awards include multiple Parents' Choice awards, U.S. International Film & Video Festival awards, and New York Festival awards.


  • Daytime Emmy Award winner

  • Nine-time Daytime Emmy nominee

  • U.S. International Film & Video Festival Awards

  • New York Festivals Awards

  • WorldFest Houston Awards

  • PROMAX Award

  • Parents' Choice Awards

  • iParenting Awards


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